Our Mission

Fight the New Drug exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using science, facts, and personal accounts.

Our Story

Pornography used to be a matter of opinion. Some felt it was natural, normal, and expected for teens and young adults to consume it. Others rejected it because of personal or religious morals. Few seemed to have definitive evidence on why it was harmful or beneficial.

When we first came across the science of how pornography affects the brain we were stunned! After further study we found that relationships were being destroyed and that pornography was having a profound effect on sexual violence in our society. We couldn’t believe that this was happening and nobody was talking about it. We quickly became passionate about educating, empowering, and equipping other young people with this knowledge.

We are the first generation in the history of the world to face the issue of pornography to this intensity and scale. We’re also the first generation with a fact-based understanding of the harm pornography can do, and with that knowledge we feel the responsibility to share it with others.

By individually choosing to reject pornography we can shape our own lives. By spreading this message to others we hold the power to shape history. From that simple idea an entire movement was born.

Our Programs

The Team



With a passion for film and an entrepreneurial heart, Clay is the vision behind Fight the New Drug. He can be found touring the country, speaking in assemblies, filming and raving about his favorite restaurant of the day. After living in Argentina, founding four businesses, and establishing a solid career path, Clay forsook all logic, quit his day job and began dedicating all of his time towards Fight the New Drug. His idealistic vision and years of hard work have made Fight the New Drug what it is today.



Kyson has two careers goals in life: Have fun and change the world through art and design. By working at FTND he is proudly accomplishing both. His artistic/design skills are mad real. With a passion for adventure and feet that yearn to travel, Kyson has raft-guided in Alaska, started a skateboarding business, lived in Russia, and started a socially focused business focusing on funding education in India.



Kyle claims that she is a mental health counselor but we really know that she is a comedian in disguise. With her hilarious life experiences, strikingly odd resemblance to Tina Fey, and Texas culture, Kyle always keeps things moving and funny. She has a Master’s Degree in community counseling and a big compassionate heart for helping those in need especially after volunteering service in Bolivia.



Even though he’s got mad baller skills, is obsessed with sports and could dunk when he was only 17, Todd chose NOT to join the NBA and instead works here at FTND. With a background in acting, film and marketing, Todd is like an endless pit of rad ideas. Despite being in a punk band, being featured in countless productions, living in Spain, producing a TV show, and getting his MBA, Todd claims that his greatest accomplishment is marrying his beautiful wife with whom he has three kids.



If there’s one thing Claire loves, it’s getting the facts. After earning her stripes as a business news reporter in Washington, D.C., and publishing three books, this writer, editor, and researcher joined Fight because she believes getting information out can change the world. When she’s not digging up research or moving misplaced punctuation marks, she’s usually rowing, getting pulled to the park by her dog, or eating entire pizzas.

Say Hello!


"Are you a non-profit?"

Yes. We are a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible and directly fund our awareness and recovery programs. 

"Are you against sexuality?"

No way. In fact, we know that pornography can have a negative effect on sex lives, that is one of the reasons why we are raising awareness on how porn is harmful (read more here). We are pro healthy sex and anti pornography. 

"Are you trying to infringe on people's right to view porn?"

No. We do not have a legislative agenda. We do not intend to take pornography away from adults who want to view it. Our aim is to inform people about the harm that it can cause, and allow them to make an educated choice for themselves. 

"Are you religiously affiliated?"

No. We use science, facts, and personal accounts to speak about the harmful effects of pornography. We do not affiliate with any religion nor do we have a moral agenda. We allow others the freedom to apply their own belief system to the topic of pornography. We have Fighters from many different backgrounds and ideologies.

"Why are you called Fight the New Drug?"

Even though pornography has existed throughout human history, science is now revealing that pornography has addictive qualities similar to other drugs (read more here). This is new information to our society. It is clear that the prevalence and frequency of its use (due to the new surge of technology) by individuals in our era is unprecedented in human history. 

"Who funds your organization?"

Donors like you! Thousands of people around the world fight pornography by making generous donations to Fight the New Drug. We also have several private foundations that make this organization possible. Donate here

"How can I bring you out to speak in my town?"

You are just three short steps away. Click here and fill out the form. 

"How can I get involved?"

We need you! Donate to our programs or get involved in your community. Click here to get started. 

"What should I do if someone I know has a problem?"

We have a recovery program for those suffering from pornography addiction. We recommend enrolling in that program, buying our book Fortify, and purchasing our Internet filter (Fight360) which will be coming soon.

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